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Cutting Fluids Wastewater Treatment - YASA ET Customers' Cases

In this short article firstly we introduce cutting liquid wastewater and secondly two successful projects that we completed in 2021 for the treatment of this kind of wastewater.

Since its foundation, YASA ET has successfully worked on many projects for the treatment of cutting liquid wastewater, which is among the most difficult waters to treat due to its characteristics.

Cutting Fluids

Cutting fluid is a kind of machining fluid used to clean, cool and lubricate tools during the metal cutting and grinding process, it helps to improve the life cycle and function of machining equipment.

After use, the cutting fluid will lose the lubrication and cooling performance, and then need to be replaced periodically, which will eventually generate a large amount of cutting fluid wastewater.

Waste cutting fluid has a high organic and oil content and poor biodegradability, which is extremely harmful to the environment and human health when it is discharged directly.

In fact, wastewater from metal cutting fluids (WMCFs) is characterized by high COD and Turbidity levels, and usually is discharged from metal manufacturing facilities including automotive engine, transmission, and stamping plants.

The picture on the left shows the wastewater originating from cutting fluid: rich in oil, grease, and inorganic debris.

The density and emulsion thickness are one of the main reasons why cutting fluid wastewaters are very difficult to treat.


In 2021 YASA ET was able to provide solutions for the difficult treatment of cutting fluid wastewater for two different clients.

In both cases the cutting liquid wastewater output was reduced by at least 70% and the disposal costs were reduced by thousands of USD every year.


First Case: Complete cutting fluid treatment system

In this project YASA ET was selected as preferred supplier to install a complete cutting liquid wastewater treatment system for the purification and discharge of the industrial wastewaters into the sewage system.

Project Details Wastewater Quantity: 1 ton/day Wastewater COD: 123,000 mg/L Discharge Standard (COD): <500 mg/L Recycled Water: 70% Disposal Savings: 79,476 USD/year

YASA ET EVADEST evaporator and REWATER membrane equipment were installed in the client’s factory to reach the environmental water discharge standards regulations.

A further step in this project will be the implementation of a near-Zero Liquid Discharge solution to reuse up to 90% of the treated water in the factory production line.


Second Case: Improvement of pre-existing cutting fluid wastewater treatment system

In this project the goal was to increase the efficiency of the cutting fluids wastewater treatment equipment that was already running in the factory.

The solution was evaluated and tested carefully by our experts since our client required a water reuse standard with COD <200 mg/L (from the original wastewater COD ~140,000 mg/L). In this case YASA ET PREDEST electrocoagulation and REWATER membrane equipment were selected and installed in the client’s factory to reach the goals of the project.

Project Details Wastewater Quantity: 3 ton/day Wastewater COD: 142,300 mg/L Water Reuse Standard (COD): <200 mg/L Recycled Water: up to 95% Disposal Savings: 134,540 USD/year

Thanks to our wastewater experts we were able to satisfy the client’s water reuse standards and save 95% of the water used in the factory every day.

Moreover, costs for wastewater disposal were reduced by 134.476 USD/year thanks to the correct equipment efficiency and calibration reached on site during the installation process.

Finally, this project proves that our experience in this field can help factories to further improve their wastewater treatment systems, thus saving significant amount of money on disposal costs and reducing their environmental footprint.


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