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How To Prevent Pipe Blockage And Scaling In Your Wastewater Evaporator? | YASA ET Tips

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

During the maintenance of a wastewater evaporator, we can often encounter the problem of blockage and scaling, which are the main causes of the equipment to fail to operate normally.

YASA ET can help you to answer the following questions:

What causes the blockage and scaling?
How to avoid this situation?

Normally there are two reasons for the blockage of the evaporator: one is the deposition of crystal salts; the other is the scaling caused by calcium and magnesium ions.

Firstly, choosing the right evaporation design is the first step to prevent pipe blockage. Film evaporators such as falling film evaporators are not suitable for occasions where crystals are produced from wastewater. If thin film evaporators such as falling film are used in these occasions, pipe blocking is inevitable. Where crystals are likely to be produced, forced circulation evaporators or scraper evaporators should be used. The forced circulation evaporators are easy to operate due to their larger evaporation area.

Secondly, the setting of the evaporation pipeline is also an important factor in reducing salt formation and blockage. The designed pipeline has no dead ends, which prevents the salts deposition and ensures that all crystalline salt is collected into the proper collector and finally discharged from the salt outlet.

If the scaling is caused by calcium, or magnesium ions, the measures that can be taken are:

1. Soften the wastewater to reduce the concentration of calcium and magnesium ions;

2. Adopt a forced circulation evaporator design;

3. Add some scale inhibitor chemicals;

4. Routine cleaning and maintenance of the equipment.

Everything clear?

If you still have any doubts YASA ET can help you to choose the correct wastewater evaporator design and provide professional maintenance and care of the equipment.

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