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YASA ETは、優れたサプライチェーン管理を備えており、廃水処理のためのあらゆる種類の付属品や商品をタイムリーに顧客に提供できます。



Wide Range of Components Ready to Ship

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SEKO Tekba.webp

Seko Chemical Dosing Pumps

Order SEKO Dosing Pumps directly from our shop.

Find out more about SEKO Dosing pumps.

square pe tank10.png

Custom Made Polyethylene Water Tanks and Reservoirs

Polyethylene water tanks and reservoirs are plastic storage tanks.

Find out more.

ro MEMBRANE 2 no logo.png

RO, UF, NF Membranes for Many Applications

We can supply water treatment membranes for many industries.

Find out more.

As YASA ET we supply much more components for the water and wastewater treatment industry.

You can get in touch with our team to find out more about all our products.

詳細については info@yasa.ltdまたはオフィシャルストア私たちのチームに連絡してください

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