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Wastewater Treatment Plant

Zero Liquid Discharge for Industrial Wastewater Treatment | Case Studies & Projects

Our Zero Liquid Discharge projects, designed and installed for clients all around the world for the treatment of industrial wastewaters.

In the past we worked with numerous industries and achieve the wastewater treatment targets set by clients thanks to our innovative solutions and technologies.

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automotive industry wastewater treatment plant vacuum evaporator EVADEST

Vacuum Evaporators For Oil Emulsion Wastewater Treatment & ZLD

In this Zero Liquid Discharge project, the wastewater source is oil and cutting liquid emulsion from a metalworking factory in China and was treated with our EVADEST vacuum evaporator.


The EVADEST evaporator separates the aqueous phase from industrial wastewater by boiling the solution and condensing the generated steam as distilled water.

Crystallization Equipment for Car Industry Wastewaters & ZLD Systems

SOLIDEST crystallizer is currently used in our ZLD system installed for the treatment of wastewater in a vehicles factory.


The crystallization process removes most of the liquids in the feed effluent and achieved the project goal of Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD).

SOLIDEST crystallizer equipment for zero liquid discharge
SOLIDEST crystallizer equipment for zero liquid discharge systems

Crystallizer for Electroplating Factory Wastewater Treatment

SOLIDEST crystallizer is a processing equipment used to transform wastewater into solid crystals and pure water and is currently used in our ZLD system installed in an electroplating factory.


Thanks to its solid-liquid separation process, liquid waste may be eliminated by crystallizers, resulting in Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD).

Electrocoagulation for Industrial Effluents Treatment

Electrocoagulation (EC) is a technology used for wastewater and industrial effluents treatment and as parts of ZLD systems.

YASA ET PREDEST is currently installed on a truck to service factories on demand and on emergency situations.

PREDEST Electrocoagulation equipment for zero liquid discharge systems

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