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Each kind of wastewater needs a specific treatment, our company designs the most suitable solutions for each one of them.

Our experts completed projects on the most difficult waste waters to treat, such as cutting liquid and electroplating wastewater.

We also manufacture pre-treatment and after-treatment equipment, so to offer full waste water treatment systems to all our clients.

In our projects we installed our vacuum evaporators, electrocoagulation units, and membrane systems to achieve the most satisfying treatment results.

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Zero Liquid Discharge Systems for Sewage Treatment

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is a treatment process or system in which factories or treatment plants discharge no liquid effluent into surface waters. As YASA ET we worked on many ZLD projects. Find out more about ZLD solutions.


Cutting Liquid & Emulsions Wastewater Treatment

For many years, YASA ET has successfully worked on projects for the treatment of cutting liquid wastewater, which is among the most difficult waters to treat due to its characteristics. Read more about oily wastewater treatment.

cutting liquid wastewater treatment

Textile Wastewater Treatment

Textile industries consume different kinds of manmade dyes or other chemicals and release huge extents of highly polluted water into the environment. The treatment for these wastewaters can be achieved by a combination of methods. Discover our textile wastewater treatment systems.

textile waste water treatment

Electroplating Wastewater Treatment

Characterized by heavy metal pollutants, electroplating waste water could cause great damages to the environment and lives of many people. Our solutions for this kind of wastewater include vacuum evaporators and membrane systems. Read more about electroplating industrial effluent treatment.

electroplating wastewater treatment lab samples yasa et

Landfill Leachate Treatment

The use of membrane technologies, more especially reverse osmosis (RO), either as a main step in a landfill leachate treatment chain or as single post-treatment step has shown to be an indispensable means of achieving purification. Landfill leachate treatment.

landfill leachate treatment yasa et
ZLD Systems
Your Wastewater

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