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Zero Liquid Discharge Technologies for Industrial Wastewater Treatment

YASA ET's long experience in wastewater treatment helped us to introduce new technologies and solutions for Zero Liquid Discharge.

Thanks to our projects for numerous industries, we were able to improve the treatment results for many kind of wastewaters with innovative equipment.

Discover our solutions for ZLD applications.

evadest vacuum evaporator yasa et

EVADEST Vacuum Evaporators for Wastewater Treatment & ZLD

YASA ET vacuum evaporator EVADEST series separates fresh water and pollutants from industrial wastewater by boiling the solution and condensing the generated steam as distilled water to achieve ZLD goals. Learn more.

SOLIDEST Crystallization Equipment for Sludge Concentration in ZLD Systems

SOLIDEST crystallizer and sludge concentrator is currently used in most ZLD systems. The vacuum crystallization process removes most of the liquids in the feed effluent and further cuts down the disposal costs for factories. Learn more.

SOLIDEST panels logo2_website.webp
PREDEST Electrocoagulation for Wastewater Treatment Machinery

PREDEST Electrocoagulation (EC) for Industrial Wastewater Treatment

PREDEST Electrocoagulation (EC) is a patented technology used for wastewater and industrial effluents treatment. The EC equipment can be easily configured for the treatment of any wastewater. Learn more.

REWATER Membrane Technology for ZLD Systems

REWATER is our most recent development for ZLD membrane systems. Learn more.

ELECTRODIALYSIS Technology for Water Treatment Systems

Electrodialysis is among the most effective technologies for water treatment and desalination applications. Learn more.

Electrodialysis Membrane Stack

Testing Equipment for Wastewater Treatment and Zero Liquid Discharge Systems

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