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Electroplating Wastewater and the “13th Five-Year Ecological Environment Protection Plan” in China

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

YASA ET introduces the “13th Five-Year Ecological Environment Protection Plan” in China and its implications for Electroplating Wastewater.


In recent years, accidents involving heavy metal pollutants have occurred frequently in China, which caused great damages to the environment and lives of many people. To prevent heavy metals pollutions, the state and local governments have introduced strict environmental protection regulations.

The State Council issued the "13th Five-Year Plan for Ecological Environmental Protection", which stated the necessity of “strictly control the rapid expansion, optimize the industrial layout, and continue to eliminate outdated production lines in key heavy metal polluting industries”.

In particular, the electroplating industry is one of the most affected by these new regulations since the discharge of heavy metal wastewater it’s one of its biggest problems. For this reason, studies and researches about the electroplating industry wastewater treatment became a hot topic of discussion among environmentalists and scientists.

YASA ET provided Zero Liquid Discharge solutions with its EVADEST, SOLIDEST and PREDEST equipment to many electroplating companies.

electroplating wastewater

Our Suggestions for an Effective Electroplating Wastewater Treatment

1. Optimizing the design of the electroplating process line

It is recommended to optimize the electroplating process line and adopt an automated control system to improve the level of clean production. Electroplating enterprises may consider adopting the spray rinse method. The ideal spray rinse application permits drag out reduction and reuse and improves rinse performance. The cleaning method of leaching recovery and multi-stage counter current rinsing reduces the discharge of heavy metal wastewater and reduces the costs of wastewater treatment.

2. Revising the management of electroplating line wastewater with quality and classification assessments

When designing electroplating wastewater treatment, the wastewater quality should be analysed in detail. According to its characteristics the wastewater from the electroplating line should be classified and treated accordingly, which can also improve the pre-treatment results. According to statistics, a correct analysis and classification of the wastewater can reduce the treatment cost by 20%.

3. Prioritizing the full-automatic control system for wastewater treatment

The automatic control system should be given priority since it can automatically add chemicals through sensors and programmable controllers or industrial computers, as well as control and record the pollutant levels, PH and ORP values. An automated system can accurately control the dosage of the chemicals added, save operating costs, and ensure the stable operation of the entire production line.

4. High-efficiency reverse osmosis membranes

Reverse osmosis technology is an indispensable tool to achieve the zero liquid discharge goals of electroplating factories. The performance of RO membranes directly affects the efficacy and costs of wastewater treatment. If a high-performance reverse osmosis membrane is selected, the removal rate of residual COD and inorganic salts can be up to 90%.

5. MVR high-efficiency evaporator

MVR high-efficiency evaporator has superior and stable performance than traditional evaporators in terms of operating costs and control methods. It performs significantly well in the process of concentrated water evaporation. Its operating cost can be reduced by more than 80% compared to ordinary evaporators, and by 50% from multi-effect evaporators.


YASA ET EVADEST Low Energy consumption evaporator is currently used in electroplating wastewater treatment projects with high quality results.

Our clients could save up to 70% of disposal costs after using our EVADEST MVR evaporator technology.


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