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Headquartered in Shanghai, Yasa ET manufacture wastewater treatment equipment, provide EHS consulting, and Zero Liquid Discharge solutions for a wide range of industries.


"Waste Is Another Resource" is our vision. By offering high quality wastewater evaporators and filtration equipment to both domestic and foreign enterprises, our company is committed to reducing waste and pollutants, while at the same time creating value from industrial wastewater for our clients.

Our solutions:

- Treatment for complex wastewater 

- Evaporators, Crystallizers, Membranes

- Modular equipment configuration

- Operation and maintenance service

- Lab testing solutions

Specialising in design and build projects, YASA ET offers a unique portfolio of innovative technologies to treat water, wastewater, odour and sludge, including standard and traditional treatment processes and a range of patented, technological solutions.

YASA ET experience in wastewater treatment make us the preferred choice of world famous enterprises that recognized our commitment in a wastewater free world thanks to our unique Zero Liquid Discharge solutions.

Our main expertise focuses on evaporators, crystallizers and electrocoagulation equipment which can be used in many, different applications for industrial wastewater with excellent treatment results. Furthermore, we also provide UF and RO systems for municipal water treatment applications.


Our flexible solutions in water treatment allow our clients to minimize the disposal costs and become more sustainable.


In YASA ET most successful projects we were able to treat the most difficult wastewaters, such as the ones originating from cutting liquid and oil.

For more information about our wastewater treatment solutions kindly get in touch with our project managers that will design unique solutions for your wastewater problem. 

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