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Zero Liquid Discharge Crystallizer

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Yasa SOLIDEST® Zero Liquid Discharge series is built on a patented design that allows for automatic operations and self tank cleaning 24/7 without human supervision needed.

The manufacturing and quality standards of Yasa SOLIDEST® are among the highest in the industry and our project managers focus on each project specific conditions and are readily available to offer support during and after the installation process.

Our experienced technical team is prepared to implement the appropriate system for your wastewater treatment applications, while ensuring a long life cycle and best value for our clients.

Finally, our technical team offers full support for maintenance and cleaning procedures.

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Yasa ET SOLIDEST® Advantages

- Automatic operations

- Self-cleaning technology

- Wastewater reduced to pure crystals

- High pollutants removed from wastewater

- Space-saving design


How Our Wastewater Crystallizer Works

YASA ET SOLIDEST® Crystallizer For Wastewater Treatment can reduce wastewater streams to dry solids. In order to meet stringent zero liquid discharge (ZLD) requirements, environmentally conscience companies are turning to advanced technologies that eliminate wastewater streams and leave behind clean water and solid salt crystals.

SOLIDEST® Crystallizers are used to concentrate feed into solid crystals and clean water. Crystallization is a solid-liquid separation technique in which solid crystals are formed from a liquid solution.


Crystallization is divided into two stages: primary nucleation and secondary nucleation. Primary nucleation involves the growth of new crystals. Secondary nucleation grows crystals and is the main stage that causes the mass production of crystals.

YASA ET SOLIDEST® Crystallizers can either stand alone or be combined with other technologies, such as EVADEST® evaporators or REWATER® membrane systems.


Instead, a wastewater concentrator is a specific type of evaporator used to turn waste-saturated industrial wastewater into distilled water for reuse. A typical brine concentrator can recover 95 to 99% of wastewater for reuse.

YASA ET SOLIDEST® Crystallizers are suitable for recovering salts from wastewater that can then be either used or sold, especially in the treatment of chemical wastewater. In this way, a crystallizer maximizes waste stream usage and helps plants meet zero liquid discharge (ZLD) requirements.

Our SOLIDEST® Crystallizers are currently used in manufacturing, chemical processing, mining, power stations, and many other applications.

SOLIDEST® Wastewater Crystallizer Design


Yasa SOLIDEST® crystallizer patented design features automatic operations and self tank cleaning 24/7, without human supervision needed.

The screw installed in the wastewater treatment equipment allows smooth and convenient operations for our clients.


The horizontal screw of Yasa SOLIDEST® automatically empties the main tank from sludge and allows 24/7 operations with no human supervision needed.

The equipment crystallization process separates the polluting content from the wastewater and transforms them into crystals. At the end of the purification cycle 90% of the water can be recovered on average, so to reduce pollution disposal and costs for our clients.

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YASA ET supplies treatment systems for a wide range of industries. 


Get in touch with our team for a free consultation about our SOLIDEST Vacuum Crystallizer.

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