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Every equipment requires continuous care which increases its operational reliability. Thanks to our services, each of our clients can lower the risk of accidents, reduce shutdowns and maintain optimum performance.

YASA ET EVADEST, SOLIDEST, PREDEST and REWATER wastewater treatment equipment are not only synonym of high quality, but also professional customer care which is the main factor for our customers' success stories.

Electricity Repair Work

Our professionals will help in the first phases of the equipment with installation procedures and provide a careful training to your employees. 

Support and Service Employee

In case our wastewater equipment needs reparation, we provide assistance with spare parts replacement and installation.

Pipe Replacement

For our EVADEST and PREDEST equipment we provide a detailed maintenance schedule which prevents damages and keeps the performance high at all times.

YASA ET EVADEST, SOLIDEST, PREDEST and REWATER wastewater treatment machinery are equipped with the most advanced remote controllers that are constantly monitored by our team.

Our customer care service will take care of everything to assure you smooth operations and reliability.

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