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Bag filters are defined as a fabric filter designed primarily to remove particulate material from fluids. Bag filters are usually non-rigid, disposable, and easily replaceable.


Bag filters are typically contained in a pressure vessel. Bag filters can be used either individually or as an array of bags in the vessel. Fluids usually flow from the inside of the bag to the outside.


The use of coagulants or a pre-coat with bag filters is not usually recommended since removal of particulate material is based on the absolute pore size of the filter instead of the development of a layer on the surface of the filter to enhance its removal capabilities. Therefore, coagulants or a pre-coat only increase the pressure loss through the filter, necessitating more frequent filter exchanges.


YASA ET SLIPSTREAM bag filters use fabric elements to capture solids and let the water flow through.


Bag filter socks come with different size openings, measured in microns (µm). The filter catches solids that are smaller than the openings and lets water and anything smaller to pass through. Specialized bags with various characteristics are available for targeted contaminants.

Over time, the sock eventually clogs with solids, reducing the entire system’s flow rate. When this happens, the bag filter sock needs to be changed. It is removed and the bag with the captured solids is safely disposed of.

Typically, multiple bag filter housings are used in parallel flow. These may be assembled “in-line,” or in a canister. Cartridge filters are similar to bag filters, but the filter element is a cartridge packed with filter media.

YASA ET SLIPSTREAM Bag Filters are commonly used in most of wastewater treatment projects thanks to their high filtration capacity and quality of the fabrics used.

yasa et slipstream bag filter
yasa et slipstream bag filter
yasa et slipstream bag filter


YASA ET offers a wide variety of bag filter housings and cartridge filter housings in several different materials, including Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, and PVC.


Our filter housings are available in sets compatible with bag filters (sock filters), as well as CE certified cartridge filters.


YASA ET bag filter housing is a versatile equipment to remove the foreign particles from process fluid with high flow rates under stringent operating parameters.


As a responsible wastewater treatment manufacturer we continuously improve the design of our bag filter housing that leads to the added advantage of high dirt holding capacity, therefore it is used as pre-filter prior to fine filtration equipment.


YASA ET SLIPSTREAM Bag filter housing offers excellent service where the process fluid is vicious as the free flow area is abundant compared to the cartridge filter housing. Our bag filter housing is designed to have the lowest pressure drop using the latest analytical techniques.

At YASA ET we have a vast experience in servicing the processes industry as a responsible manufacturer by offering a long lasting guarantee on all our products.

yasa et bag filter housing
yasa et bag filter housing
yasa et bag filter housing

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