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How a Wastewater Evaporator Works - YASA ET EVADEST

A wastewater evaporator uses thermodynamics and mass transfer to remove water from waste and pollutants. The thermodynamic wastewater evaporation involves heating the waste material sufficiently to turn water into a vapor, thus removing it from pollutants. The wastewater is fed into the evaporator and passes across a heat source. The applied heat converts the water in the solution into vapor. The vapor is removed from the rest of the solution and is condensed while the now-concentrated solution is removed.

The output of purified water can be discharged or reused in the production system, depending on customers' requirements.


YASA ET EVADEST wastewater evaporator consists of four sections. The heating section contains the heating medium and steam is fed into it. The parallel tubes design is proven optimal in heating distribution and efficiency. The concentrating and separating section removes the vapor being produced from the solution. Finally, the condenser condenses the separated vapor, then the vacuum pump provides pressure to increase circulation. EVADEST wastewater evaporation has become an effective method for removing contaminants and concentrating liquid waste. It can remove salts, heavy metals, and hazardous materials, reducing COD, BOD and SS very effectively. YASA ET wastewater evaporators have been found to be more efficient than other treatment systems since their energy consumption is lower and simple functioning for treating large quantities of wastewaters.

Vacuum evaporators have proven to be one of the best solutions for the treatment and reuse of wastewater in most of industrial applications. YASA ET deliver constant innovations in the wastewater treatment field. We customize every evaporator to provide more efficiency and durability to our customers than any other wastewater equipment manufacturer. EVADEST wastewater evaporators are the best technology for implementing a Zero Liquid Discharge system, where wastewater is transformed into two streams, one containing solid waste with reusable resources (mainly raw materials and by-products) and another one with high quality water, which can be reused.


EVADEST evaporators allows our clients to:

  • Reduce wastewater output by 97%, making it possible to reuse the water in the production line;

  • Minimize the final sludge and concentrate;

  • Minimize disposal costs and repay the initial investment in less than one year.

EADEST evaporator series feature simple operation, occupy little space and are a clean and safe technology. In addition, all equipment is highly automated, requiring minimal supervision.


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